Physics animation

Plugin for figma

physics animation

Makes your 2D composition layers
interact with each other!

The Figma plugin Physics Animation creates realistic and natural animations based on the physical properties of objects.

Animated templates available in PRO account

Explore the plugin's animation templates to inspire and enhance your animations. Customize and update them as needed for your project.

Recently added features

Introducing new features like Zero Gravity, Magnet, Bomb, and Soft Body. These enhance animation creation with endless possibilities, allowing you to defy physics, attract or repel objects, add explosive effects, and create realistic deformations for captivating animations.

What you get when using Figma plugin Physics animation

High animation creation speed.

With high-quality SVG animation and low weight, the website's loading time won't slow down.

The developer won't be able to mess up the animation, as the result will be exactly what you've set.

The library of pre-set animation templates helps inspire and speed up the process of creating animations in your projects.

The animation is created directly in Figma, without the need for external programs.

The reduced development time, as the developer doesn't need to program the animation from scratch.

The simple and intuitive interface makes animation creation accessible even for beginners.


Animations created in the Physics Animation plugin can be exported in formats such as SVG, GIF, and WebM.

Export GIF Export SVG Export WEBM

The Figma Prototype mode supports only GIF and WEBM

SVG animation is supported in Webflow, Readymag, and Notion


Free plan

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Air friction

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Group Delay

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Group / Bind

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Idle / Lock

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